K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology (Autonomous)

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

Accredited by NAAC & Courses Accredited by NBA with Tier-I Category DST – FIST

& DBT STAR Sponsored College, Included under Section 2(f) & 2(b) by UGC

Research (B.E.Civil)

List of Faculty Members  Recognized as Research (Ph.D.) Supervisors
S.No. Faculty Name Ph.D. Completed Month & Year Supervisor Recognition Number Date of Joining in the Institution
1 Dr.G.Vennila December 2008 2210165 28.05.2003
2 Dr.N.Ramesh July 2010 2810017 02.09.2002
3 Dr.S.Ramesh August 2015 2810027 01.07.2005
4 Dr.M.Kalaivani April 2018 3310011    01.06.2010
5 Dr.P.Mageshkumar May 2017 4010003    23.05.2012
6 Dr.K.Yuvaraj May 2022 4110005    02.06.2014
Ph.D. Completed Details:
S.No. Faculty Name Title of Thesis Name of the Supervisor Ph.D. Completed Month & Year
1 D.Karunanidhi Integrated remote sensing and GIS based hydrogeological studies in Omalur Taluk, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India Dr.G.Vennila January 2015
2 Syed Usman Nasrin Banu Comparative study of activated carbons and nanocomposite carbons for the adsorption of basic dyes. Dr.N.Ramesh January 2015
3 S.Ramesh Groundwater potential zonation mapping and groundwater modeling using GIS and ANFIS in Erode Taluk Tamil Nadu, India. Dr.G.Vennila August 2015
4 J.Abdul Bari Identification of Ground water potential  zones and quality modeling using GIS in Bhavani Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India Dr.G.Vennila January 2016
5 P.Periyasamy Waste water treatment methods using  UASB  Reactor Dr.N.Ramesh March 2016
6 P.Srinivasan Integrated Approach for Groundwater Augmentation in Turinjihalliar watershed, Tamil Nadu, India using Geospatial Techniques Dr.G.Vennila March 2018
7 S.Arulmozhi Multicriteria Analysis and GIS based Hydrogeochemical studies of Groundwater in Salem Taluk, Ta,il Nadu, India. Dr.G.Vennila March 2018
8 M.Kalaivani Experimental Investigation on Structural Behavior of Mono and Hybrid Fibre Reinforced concrete elements Dr.G.Vennila April 2018
9 D.Sivakumar An Evaluation of Foundation Response Considering Soil Structure Interaction for Different Soil Conditions Dr.N.Ramesh December 2018
10 R.Shanmugam Study on behaviour of flyash based geopolymer concrete incorporated with M-sand and bottom ash Dr.N.Ramesh March 2020
11 M.P.Suresh Kumar Experimental Investigation on strength and durability properties of fibre reinforced concrete using red mud Dr.G.Vennila June 2020
12 S.Karthikeyan Experimental investigation on structural behaviour of concrete using Polyethylene Terephthalate fibres Dr.G.Vennila June 2020
13 K.Kathiresan Studies on behaviour of composite benams andcolumns with partial replacement of coarse aggregate by steel slag Dr.G.Vennila June 2020
14 P.Prabhu Experimental Investigation on Treatment of Tannery wastewater using sequential anaerobic – Aerobic biofilm based reactor Dr.S.Ramesh September 2020
15 S.Sethuraman Liquefacation studies and Hydrogen production from Jack fruit peel waste by using continuous stirred tank reactor Dr.G.Vennila November 2021
16 M.G.L.Annamalai Durability Study On Concrete With Natural Viscosity Enhancers Dr.N.Ramesh November 2021
17 D.Sakthivel Hydrogeophysical Investigation and Groundwater Quality Modelling using GIS and ANN for Semi and Region of Kangayam Taluk, Tirupur District, India Dr.G.Vennila January 2022
18 K.Yuvaraj Experimental study on strength, durability and structural behaviour of ground pond ash concrete with manufactured san as fine aggregate Dr.S.Ramesh May 2022
19 K.Vijaya Sundravel Experimental study on strength, Durability and structural behavior of self healing concrete using bacteria Dr.S.Ramesh June 2022
20 N.Sekaran Geo Informatics based Groundwater Quality Assessment and Geophysical Characterization of Aquifer for Groundwater Augmentation in Kadavanar Watershed, Amaravathi Sub-basin, Tamil Nadu, India. Dr.G.Vennila September 2022
21 R.Harish Perspective Development and site selection for Solid Waste Management in Palani, Tamil Nadu, India Using Remote Sensing and GIS Dr.S.Ramesh March 2023
22 S.Gunasekar Experimental Study on Effective utilization of construction and demolition waste in concrete as recycled coarse aggregate Dr.N.Ramesh April 2023
23 M. Suganthi A novel approach of quality
assessment in wastewater
Using natural membrane
filtration technique
Dr.N.Ramesh September 2023
Research Scholar Pursuing Ph.D:
S.No. Name of the Supervisor Name of the Scholar Year of Registration University of Registration
1 Dr.N.Ramesh M.Srinivasan January 2012 Anna University
2 Dr.N.Ramesh M.Suganthi July 2017 Anna University
3 Dr.N.Ramesh J.Viswanath July 2017 Anna University
4 Dr.N.Ramesh K.Roja July 2017 Anna University
5 Dr.S.Ramesh N.Utchimuthu July 2017 Anna University
6 Dr.S.Ramesh G.Amirthagadeswaran July 2017 Anna University
7 Dr.S.Ramesh J.Sureshkumar July 2017 Anna University
8 Dr.S.Ramesh G.N.Gobinath July 2017 Anna University
9 Dr.S.Ramesh A.Tharani January 2018 Anna University
10 Dr.S.Ramesh P.Easwaran January 2018 Anna University
11 Dr.N.Ramesh S.Sharmiladevi July 2019 Anna University
12 Dr.K.Yuvaraj Dhivya B January 2023 Anna University
13 Dr.S.Ramesh Prabhu V January 2023 Anna University
14 Dr.P.Mageshkumar D.Velumani September 2022 Anna University
15 Dr.K.Yuvaraj S Kamal Kannan July 2023 Anna University
16 Dr.K.Yuvaraj T.Bragadeeswaran July 2023 Anna University
Research Grants Received during last five years
Title of the Proposal / Project
Investigators/ Dept.
Grants Received (Rs.)
Sanctioned Details (File. No.)
Award of the SERB – National Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Dr. P.Karthikeyan 19,20,000 Ongoing F.No. PDF/2016/001169
Award of the SERB – National Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Dr. P. Mageshkumar 19,20,000 Ongoing F.No. PDF/2017/000253
Details of Patents Granted and Filed

The details of patents filed at international and national level by faculty and research scholars are furnished in the table below.

Name of the Inventors Patent Title Application No. & Patents filed Date Status
Dhineshanand S, Dr. V. R. Rathi Ragi Krishnan, PakkiManoj Kumar, Dr. Anil Shirgire, Samuel Abraham D, Dr. Basavaraja Simpi Raghu K M., Jawahar T., Udayabanu Anil Singh, Gunasekar S.  Innovative                   Design Structures for Multi- storey Buildings to Prevent the Collapse of The Structures Due to Natural Disasters    202241067533& 02.12.2022  Published
Dr. Vijaya Sundravel Krishnavel, Dr.Abdul Bari Jabar. Dr.Velumani Murugesan. Dr.Siva Kumar Dhandapani. Dr.Gunasekar Selvaraj. Mr.Angusenthi Kadhirvelu.  Self – Healing Concrete with Microencapsulated Healing Agents

  202341033763 A &


Dr. VennilaGovindaswamy. Dr. Ramesh Subramani.Dr.J agadeesanRajendran, Dr. MageshkumarPeriyasamy, Dr. YuvarajKandasamy, Dr. Vijaya Sundravel Krishnavel  VIoT – Touch Interfaced Indoor Air Purifier