K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology (Autonomous)

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

Accredited by NAAC & Courses Accredited by NBA with Tier-I Category DST – FIST

& DBT STAR Sponsored College, Included under Section 2(f) & 2(b) by UGC

Video Lecture

S.No. Name Name of the Course Topics YouTube Link
1. Dr. Kumaravel A Finite Element Analysis Introduction to Finite Element Analysis https://youtu.be/-QzyT8L1Zi4
2. Dr. Kumaravel A Finite Element Analysis Gaussian Elimination Method https://youtu.be/GOPo_YKAjZA
3. Dr. Kumaravel A Finite Element Analysis ID Problems https://youtu.be/Cg0w-jolQLc
4. Dr. Kumaravel A Finite Element Analysis Trusses https://youtu.be/UDaiTBkpUkQ
5. Dr. Kumaravel A Finite Element Analysis Types of Beams and Loads https://youtu.be/GUZzguBh19E
6. Dr. Murugesan A Thermal Engineering Internal Combustion Engine https://youtu.be/88nuXLHVnZg
7. Dr. Murugesan A Thermal Engineering Steam Boilers https://youtu.be/UogHHkMspgg
8. Dr. Murugesan A Thermal Turbo Machines Thermal Turbo Machines https://youtu.be/GzTw8aA9nmc
9. Dr. Sampath P.S Dynamics of Machines Introduction of Vibration https://youtu.be/F2-KCl5RPS0
10. Dr. Sampath P.S Kinematics of Machines Cam and Followers https://youtu.be/ORTY_oh3cAo
11. Dr. Gopalakrishnan S Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Engineering Materials and Metallurgy https://youtu.be/R_ey6hwv_Xk
12. Dr. Mylsami G Engineering  Economics and Financial Accounting Basic Economics https://youtu.be/RdP5Rvb3KII
13. Dr. Mylsami G Total Quality Management Quality Planning and Customer Satisfaction https://youtu.be/RHeueVKRSak
14. Dr. Mohan K Total Quality Management 5S Principle https://youtu.be/D7WenPe3e4U
15. Dr. Venkatachalam G Machining Process Reciprocating Machining Tools https://youtu.be/oHbaIA4bykY
16. Dr. Venkatachalam G Machining Process Broaching Machines https://youtu.be/vJG0t34f0hw
17. Dr. Venkatachalam G Engineering Drawing Projection of solids https://youtu.be/9u6io7bOm-Y
18. Dr. Santhanam K Kinematics of Machines Theory of Machines https://youtu.be/2KL3FPkOJaY
19. Dr. Santhanam K Kinematics of Machines Basics of Mechanisms https://youtu.be/IkXRwZ7VEYI
20. Dr. Santhanam K Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines Fluid Properties https://youtu.be/12Ss3t5ytWI
21. Dr. Arthanarieswaran V. P Engineering Drawing Orthographic Projection https://youtu.be/55BoK5rPhkA
22. Dr. Jeyaprakasam S Flexible Manufacturing System FMS Elements, Layouts https://youtu.be/9nL5yPnqmww
23. Dr. Jeyaprakasam S Strength of Materials Springs https://youtu.be/6_c145_PiOs
24. Dr. Jeyaprakasam S Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines Centrifugal Pump https://youtu.be/n6Wz8o1_Gao
25. Dr. Kathirselvam M Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing Procurement Process https://youtu.be/i13GIC-lE5Y
26. Dr. Kathirselvam M Strength of Materials Stress and Strain https://youtu.be/yKxs3_1sopw
27. Dr. Kathirselvam M Strength of Materials Stress-Strain Relationship https://youtu.be/2T9AVz4lMHI
28. Dr. Gnanasekaran M Power Plant Engineering Steam Power Plant https://youtu.be/QJYM6y6wuMs
29. Dr. Raja K Internal Combustion Engine IC Engine Components https://youtu.be/sURoBM3ZCOY
30. Dr. Raja K Design of Mechanical Transmission System Belt Drives https://youtu.be/4Z-8xbUktzE
31. Dr. Vasudevan D Heat and Mass Transfer Concept of Boiling https://youtu.be/wOa1SRLstLw
32. Venkatesan S Metrology and Measurements Introduction to Engineering Metrology https://youtu.be/UOCmaIL11WM
33. Karthick S Dynamics of Machines Balancing of Rotating Masses and Vibration https://youtu.be/WzSebtuQ4SU
34. Karthick S Engineering Graphics Projection of Lines https://youtu.be/nK1-LOnkTEw
35. Sakthivel S Manufacturing Processes Lathe Operations https://youtu.be/Mdeo-gTm8XQ
36. Sakthivel S Machining Processes Machine Tools I https://youtu.be/z3CmxYwp1NY
37. Tamilarasu P Kinematics of Machines Introduction to Kinematics of Machines https://youtu.be/U9kHjfqtrRc
38. Prasath M Product Design and Manufacturing Basic Principles of Product Design and Manufacturing https://youtu.be/c6D5fhT1nPw
39.  Prasath M Rapid Prototyping Introduction to Additive Manufacturing https://youtu.be/4u3D9egYWEU
40. Vivek U Basics of Mechanical Engineering Mechanics of Fluids https://youtu.be/xOda1-8klTA
41. Prakash P Applied Hydraulics and Pneumatics Fluid Power System https://youtu.be/8K1ZfQU7BqQ
42. Prakash P Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Statistical Process Control https://youtu.be/4rNhPEH4KnQ
43. Ramesh C Logistics Management Introduction to Logistics Management https://youtu.be/rQQ000T5RF0
44. Ramesh C Operations Research Introduction of  Operations Research https://youtu.be/btoH77i5TDA
45. Prakash R Heat and Mass Transfer Heat Conduction Through Slab https://youtu.be/LfqaUY9z91k
46. Prakash R Thermodynamics Basic Concepts Thermodynamics https://youtu.be/gaKQNXCG8_Y
47. Balaji B Design of Mechanical Transmission System Gear https://youtu.be/Wn5ijlFhIvM
48. Balaji B Design of Machine Elements Steady Stresses & variable Stresses in machine members https://youtu.be/rFHa6i1ylww
49. Karthikeyan S Product Design for Manufacture Design for Manufacture and Assembly https://youtu.be/rTV7sJdklXs
50. Karthikeyan S Automation in Manufacturing Introduction to Automation https://youtu.be/9tLzXX2Ml8E
51. Srinithi S Machine Learning ML in Detail https://youtu.be/e4WRl9uKE14